During this last year, I’ve had this powerful push to understand the strength and power of the woman. I slowly and unknowingly developed a mission to support and empower women everywhere. Soon enough, this mission because clear as crystal, and it began to penetrate everything in my life.

Then comes January 31st of 2016. I get an email from this gal Courtney Dercqu who tells me she found an article I wrote on Thought Catalog and my words really resonated with her. Then she goes on to say that she helps manage this site Mogul — a web platform designed specifically for woman — and she hopes that I’ll join and share my writing with them too. Needless to say, I had a profile and a post on Mogul that very same day.

As a company, Mogul is making women-specific changes that help women in the Mogul workplace. As an organization, it’s empowering women through the web as well as in the remote regions of developing countries. Owner Tiffany Pham is one badass woman, and I am so happy to be able to be a part of what she has created. If you’re a lady writer looking to connect with other women, this is one site you absolutely have to check out.

I’m regularly writing posts for Mogul now, because I just can’t get enough of this woman-centered opportunity. This article was perfect for the site because it talks about starting a business not with logic or numbers, but by using intuition, service to others, and more. Read on and see what you think…



From Passion To Profit — How We Can Turn Our Dreams Into A Reality

It used to be that you needed a college degree or a government job to live the good life, but today, that just ain’t the truth. Now that we have the worldwide web, just about any skill or service can be turned into a lucrative business. The secret is figuring out how. Thanks to hours of personal development obsession and my own business ventures, I’ve got ideas to share with my fellow business women. 


Have A Plan (With Hardcore Plans For Flexibility And Opportunity) 

Mary Shelley said, “Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose – a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.” Plans are essential to finding this purpose. They fuel our purpose by giving us a map to navigate by. They get us to create goals, devise strategies, and set sail for a destination. 

A purposeful plan gives us drive, focus, and direction that’s so vital to this journey. But while we’re planning for our next grand destination, we also need to plan on staying open to changing routes and making side stops. If we’re stuck on getting to our destination by taking one single pre-planned path, we’ll drive right by opportunities without giving them a moment’s glance. We have this idea that a successful journey is in a certain the path, but it’s the journey itself. So, make plans, but stay flexible and seize the opportunities. 


Find Your Advantage

If we want to deliver cutting-edge services and showcase outstanding practices, we’ll obviously need to discover and develop our business skills. However, that’s just one small part of the puzzle. Our individual passions and experience and ideas give us all a truly unique edge and specialty. We need to know what we’re interested in, skilled with and –most importantly — what we actually enjoy doing. 

Once we know what drives and excites us we can ask the next very important question… What does the world need that we have to offer? Thanks to the “gig” economy and online freelancing, just about anything can be turned into a profitable business service. Especially when we have something to offer that the world needs. Our own Tiffany Pham used this idea to create her business, and that’s why Mogul is the wild business success it is.


Use Emotional Intelligence

As women, we get a bad wrap for being “too emotional.” But guess what? It’s one of our greatest assets! Emotional intelligence is everything to business success. Awareness of other people’s moods and feelings is a huge factor in creating solid relationships. Moreover, being tuned in to our own feelings and listening to our gut instinct is an easy way for us to decipher a positive situation from a potentially-disastrous one. Tim Ferriss says, “If it’s not a hell yeah, it’s a no.” Our emotions make the difference between “hell yeah” and “no” as clear as crystal. Tune in and listen up.



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