How I Finally Learned To Love Myself

Early on in life, I came to despise who I was. As I shifted into my teenage years and young adulthood, I didn’t hate myself quite so much, but I thought my worth wasn’t in the person I was, but the body that I had. Now that I’ve reached thirty, I’ve finally come to understand who I am. Most importantly, I’ve realized who I could be. And I know that I can be that person this very moment.

Self-love has made such realizations possible. It’s shifted me from doubtful to determined, moody to peaceful, depressed to joyful, and from quitter to go-getter. Because I finally believed in myself. I finally knew that I was worth it. I finally gave myself the love and support that I’ve always wanted — and was always right there within me. I wrote about this topic for Mogul. Scroll down to take a peek…


How I Finally Learned To Love Myself

I remember the first time I read about the “need” for people to love themselves…

“Loving yourself? Self-Love? Could there be anything more cheesy?” I scoffed.

The notion seemed so completely ridiculous and pompous that I had the idea totally wiped from my mind within a millisecond. Looking back years later, I realize that — more than anything — the idea of loving myself seemed impossible. After all, such a thing was only possible through being worthy of love. And if there was anything I was certain of in those days, it was that I was not worthy. 

It was years of misery and suffering which led to that belief. And it took three times as many painful years to take that belief back. Pushing myself to change was easy. Holding myself to higher standards was simple. Convincing myself that I could do better came naturally. But loving myself? I wasn’t even willing to go there. 

But I finally did. And yeah, it was exactly the kind of sappy mushy love story that I was so fiercely adamant on avoiding. I sobbed, and I burned letters to myself, and I fed myself chocolate ganache cake for dinner (okay, breakfast too). And it was great. And it completely and utterly changed my life. 

There’s still much I have to learn in this new realm of love, but these last few years have given me some life-transforming lessons. One of the best lessons has been learning to identify my greatest needs — and to gift them to myself daily. So, without further adieu, here’s a peek into my Self-Love ideology. If you’re struggling to love on yourself just like I was (and sometimes still do), then I hope this can inspire “new love” for you…



If you’d like to read more, you can find the original article on Mogul. Thank you for reading my friends!


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