The Power Of Perception (It Almost Destroyed My Relationship)

I did my first post for Mogul January 31st of this year. Now I am so in love with Mogul in all their woman-powerness, I just can’t stop writing for them. Here’s the latest in my series of posts that appeal to the feminine senses within all of us. This time, I do it with relationships. Love relationships.

You know this is gonna be an interesting read!


The Power Of Perception (It Almost Destroyed My Relationship)

Perception. We know the word in terms of our ability to see, think, or understand something, but the power of perception goes unseen here. To understand the significance of the meaImage titlening of this word, we need to look at where it was born.

The word perceive derives from the Latin word percipere, which can be translated as “to take entirely.” Now, many of us think of “taking” as a physical act, but taking can be an act of the
mind and the emotions too. The latter is a “taking” which applies to our relationships both literally and figuratively. And it is a powerful force.

The kind of “taking” we call “perception” determines everything when it comes to our love lives (or everything for that matter). And this can be a real problem. You see, perspective isn’t about giving or understanding. It doesn’t even have the half-ass courtesy to only “take partially.” Instead, it’s about taking something completely as we perceive it to be; without leaving room for any other option.

And thus, we reveal the problems of perception. We see something one way and insist that’s exactly how it is, and that’s all there is to it, but we forget that we’re but one half of a whole. When two parts come together to make a whole, both halves must be considered to keep it together. We see our half and we know just how it looks and feels, but we fail to see how our half connects with the other half of our whole. And that just creates an endless cycle of pain in which we feel hurt and only hurt them in turn.

Now that I can look back at the hard times my husband and I have behind us, the flaws within my ways become clear…  




If you want to hear more, you can read the rest of the article on Mogul. Thank you a hundred times over for reading. Love to you all!


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