Why People Cheat (Even Good People)

So, Meet Mindful has this amazing blog that covers all sorts of wellness and relationship matters. Well, wellness and relationships are my cup of tea, so I like to write stuff for them from time to time. This article actually developed from a list of article topics they wanted writers to cover. There was a long list of articles to write, but when I saw “Why good people cheat,” I practically fell over jumping on it.

I know. It’s a topic that gets most people feeling all dark and irritable, but it’s the kind of thing that I love. Why? Because no one does things just to do them. They have reasons. Sometimes their behavior is a direct result of the baggage they’re lugging around from their past. Other times it’s because they’re putting on a facade to look the way they wish or think they should be. Other times, their behavior is a product of the situation (or relationship) they’re in.

So, how can cheating enter into a relationship between two good, well-meaning people?

-They’re In A Circle Of Cheaters
-They’re Bored
-They Have Secrets (Of The Heart And Soul)
-They’re Hurting
-They’re Blaming
-We’re Failing As Partners
-We’re Detached 

This topic is sure to push a hot button with people who have been cheated on, but there are some powerful points made (with scientific backing to boot). If you want to hear about how I see BOTH people being responsible for a broken relationship, then skip over to Meet Mindful and read Why People Cheat (Even Good People).

Thanks for reading everyone!


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