So, Meet Mindful has this amazing blog that covers all sorts of wellness and relationship matters. Well, wellness and relationships are my cup of tea, so I like to write stuff for them from time to time. This article actually developed from a list of article topics they wanted writers to cover. There was a long list of articles to write, but when I saw “Why good people cheat,” I practically fell over jumping on it.

I know. It’s a topic that gets most people feeling all dark and irritable, but it’s the kind of thing that I love. Why? Because no one does things just to do them. They have reasons. Sometimes their behavior is a direct result of the baggage they’re lugging around from their past. Other times it’s because they’re putting on a facade to look the way they wish or think they should be. Other times, their behavior is a product of the situation (or relationship) they’re in.

So, how can cheating enter into a relationship between two good, well-meaning people?

-They’re In A Circle Of Cheaters
-They’re Bored
-They Have Secrets (Of The Heart And Soul)
-They’re Hurting
-They’re Blaming
-We’re Failing As Partners
-We’re Detached 

This topic is sure to push a hot button with people who have been cheated on, but there are some powerful points made (with scientific backing to boot). If you want to hear about how I see BOTH people being responsible for a broken relationship, then skip over to Meet Mindful and read Why People Cheat (Even Good People).

Thanks for reading everyone!