9 Powerful Tips To Help Women Succeed In Business (And Life)

As a woman who’s deep in the roles of mother, partner, and female professional, I’ve always been aware that there’s a difference between men and women. However, this understanding reached incredible and profound depths after meeting my husband and discovering the ideas and philosophies of a deeply traditional and communal culture.

Now I’ve gone from an anti-laundry feminist to an empowered women who draws her strengths from her womanly duties and the amazing feminine qualities that have always lied within her. What a shift!

Seeing the difference between American society and the ideas of my husband’s country, I’ve been on a quest to pinpoint what exactly it means to be a woman, and how I can maximize this and use it in the world. I wrote up some ideas and sent them on over to Luminita of Purpose Fairy.

My 9 tips to women?  

Don’t Let Drama Deter You
Use Fear As A Call To Action
Always Accept What Is
And Hold Your Own
But Use Your Femininity To The Max
Celebrate Your Failures
And Never Feel Sorry For Yourself
Strive To Be Better Than Yesterday
And Love Yourself To The Moon And Back

If you want to hear me expand on these ideas, move on over to Purpose Fairy to read 9 Tips To Help Women Succeed In Business And Life.

Thanks for your support my friends!




P.S. If you haven’t read Luminita’s viral hit 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy, then check it out. You’ll be oh-so-happy you did!


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