Why Everything I Thought I Knew About Gratitude Was WRONG

Oh my gosh you guys! I just got published on Purpose Fairy! I can’t tell you how exciting this is! Luminita is one heck of a soul (she worked for the amazing Mindvalley Academy so that alone says something!). Her writing, speaking, and ideas are so incredibly insightful and uplifting. If you aren’t already familiar with her blog, then go NOW!😀

Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote for her. It may be my favorite yet!


The gratitude movement is here — and people everywhere are preaching its magic and necessity. The magic of gratitude is confessed in all places by all sorts of faces. You can’t make it out of the Co-op without hearing what your checker has to be grateful for. Then there’s the pins and posts of Pinterest and Facebook that are constantly bombing our news feed with the why’s, how’s, and what’s of being grateful. And there’s no way you’re walking out of a yoga class without your teacher standing up on their soapbox mat to give an inspiring speech on the topic. Simply put, everybody’s doing it and gratitude is everywhere. So, it’s obviously a good idea. Right?

Well, I’ve actually come to see that everything we think about gratitude can actually do us more harm than good. In fact, most of us are using gratitude in a way that has us brainwashing ourselves. We have this idea that anger and sadness are “bad” and need to be sugar coated with a casing of gratitude. The trouble with this is that, over time, that casing is going to wear down. And when it finally cracks open, the anger and sadness will be waiting inside — either well preserved or uglier than ever.

There’s no denying that happiness is a prerequisite to living a happy life. As someone who got tossed around in group homes and experienced a number of painful experiences, I know how vital it is to choose light over darkness. But I also know that happiness doesn’t come in pretending there’s something to be happy about when your heart is screaming that it’s not. Saying you’re happy when you’re unhappy is like sticking flowers in a turd and calling it a vase.



Read the rest of the article if you want to read more!

P.S. Isn’t that turd quote THE BEST? It’s one of my favorite metaphors and I’ll use it until the day I die! And even then I’ll still be laughing over it!!!😀


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