Suffering — The Secret To My Greatest Happiness

I wrote another guest post for the lovely Lisa of Sober Identity…

If there’s one thing we know, it’s suffering. And where alcohol is involved, hard times are damn near guaranteed. The dark days and long nights of our heart’s most treacherous journeys are hard. Sometimes they’re so hard it’s as though our tired soul is crawling through broken glass. Wherever we crawl, the sharp and jagged shards beneath us pierce through and make us cry out and wince in pain. The longer we have to crawl through it, the more our throbbing wounds gnaw at our hopes and determination. Sometimes we become so worn down from our painful trek, that we lose all will to move forward even another inch. And so we just lay there without an ounce of hope — and the glass wearing away at our bodies pushes itself even deeper within us.

These hard times can leave us with wounds that burn and scabs that won’t heal. And even though our wounds may close up and our scabs may rub off, there’s a scar that reminds us of the pain that time just can’t seem to shake. We long to see the scars disappear because they’re a vivid reminder of a terrible pain that we experienced. A pain that sometimes hurts more now than it did when it actually happened… A pain that we wish would just… go… away.307823_288978897793941_680033699_n

But those pains … Who would we be without them? As much pain as there was in getting those scars, they actually possess a beauty that’s just waiting to be discovered. And so the pain and scars of our lives are actually something to be admired. In fact, I’d say they’re something to be

But cherish our deepest scars? And appreciate our worst pains? Is such a thing even possible? And why would anyone even want to? Well, the answer to that is more empowering than you could ever imagine…


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