What DO You Want???

Take a look around and you’ll see a WORLD of people with unfulfilled dreams. Many will say that dreams are unrealistic because they’re risky, they take too much time and money, their partner isn’t on the same page, they have kids, their mom is sick, and on and on and on. There’s a long list of reasons (aka excuses) for dreams being unattainable, but how many people actually know WHAT they want and why? Sure, we take a moment to say, “That would be nice,” but how often do we really take the time to revel in this pleasure of such a lovely idea?

Considering the number of people living their dreams, it seems about right to say never. When you think about it, it’s actually kinda insane. We think dreams are unrealistic, so we never take the time to think about them. Well how is ANYTHING supposed to happen without knowing the what, why, and how? Buildings don’t just spontaneously sprout up and eventually form a city. Even unplanned pregnancies require effort! Nothing happens without thinking and taking action, so it’s insane for us to claim that dreams are unrealistic when we haven’t even made an attempt that would allow for such a conclusion. Do you see how we’re totally nuts?!

There are people living their dreams, so this is ABSOLUTELY possible. Shit! It’s necessary! We have the ability to laugh, love, and be blissed out of our friggin’ minds! Why the hell would we waste time being miserable and petty? I’ve been there MANY TIMES, and I’m not interested in making another trip back. Ya feel me?😉

I’m hell-bent on making my dreams happen, so I’m making sure I take the time to think about what I want. It’s so simple, but most people won’t allow themselves to take a moment from Facebook or their to-do’s to do that for themselves. It really is an easy thing to do though, and it’s importance can’t be overlooked. By knowing what we want, we can understand what’s important to us. Once we know what we want and why, we open the possibilities of how. As soon as we commit to making something happen we’ll begin to see opportunity everywhere. Action is still required, but it’s so easy! We don’t have to spend hours grueling for resources and ideas because the opportunity and inspiration will come to us.


Today I made the time to write out my desires. This is what I came up with…

  • Financial Freedom/$100K
  • Be A Fulltime Blogger
  • Snag A Book Deal — No Wait! A SERIES Of Book Deals! Or A Book Deal Series!!!
  • A Car With Heated Seats, Great MPG, and seating for 6-7 (I Know. That’s quite the request!😀 )
  • That house for sell with the Camelot view
  • African/European Vacation
  • Be A Doula
  • Write A Book
  • Meet Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, Bruce Lipton, Tony Robbins, and the hilariously-intelligent Dr. Fred Alan Wolf
  • Oh, and I also want 10 million dollars. It just feels like a good number, so I’m gonna go with it.😀

Why do I want to do these things? I thought you’d never ask!

  • Financial Freedom/$100K: This dollar figure will give me financial freedom AND provide a fab vacation and a down-payment for a home. Having financial freedom will shake off the mental shackles that once burdened me and determined the way I approached virtually everything in life. It’ll also give me inconceivable joy and pride to be able to set an example for my children and to provide my family with the lifestyle we’d love to have.
  • Writer: I’ve always enjoyed writing. I’ve been telling myself for the last ten years that I want to be a writer, and I’m finally taking the steps to make that happen. Writing for a living would give me great happiness. I’ve always believed that my mission was to help make this world a better place, and I’d get immeasurable happiness by being able to help others with my experiences. Step one is blogging. Step two is writing a book.
  • DoTerra Elite: I’ve seen essential oils do amazing things, and I’d love to be able to share their benefits with others. As beneficial as they are, there’s a financial side that makes them even more appealing. Sharing the oils with others would feel GREAT, and everyone being able to make money at the same time just makes the greatness even greater.
  • Home With The View: Having this house would be INCREDIBLE! I’m not one for material things, but the view this home has is really the best in the city. And this house is so big and open. And it was custom built! So, that stands to reason that it isn’t cheap, and that’s another reason why I want this home. Because getting it would be such a ridiculous and extraordinary achievement, so if I can do it then I can do absolutely ANYTHING. So why the hell not reach for the stars and see where it gets me?

I did my part, not it’s your turn. I challenge all of you reading this to make your own list. Really take the time to think it through and to understand why your dreams are important. Once you’ve got that down, make sure you make the effort to remind yourself of this. Whether you make a vision board, write a list, or put a smiley face sticker on your car dash; make sure you’re remembering to think about what you want. Keep your desires on your mind and your brain will get to work on finding opportunities. Don’t believe me? Make a serious commitment to trying it out and see what happens.

If you need help, then don’t be an idiot and stand around doing nothing. Turn to people who can help you! YouTube is full of incredible videos from people that know how to kick ass and they’re doing it every day. You can never go wrong with popular favorites like Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Brendon Burchard, and John Assaraf. But if you want to expand your personal development peeps, then check out John Alexandrov’s site and Matthew Ferry’s blog. Their ideas provoked an incredible transformation that got me to tear free of my bullshit so I could finally pursue a life of greatness. These guys are AWESOME.

Write up your lists and stay tuned for my results!


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