5 Easy Practices To Change Old Patterns

The fabulous Lisa Neumann of Sober Identity let me write for her blog


The biggest step towards making life changes is taking responsibility and admitting to our actions. As someone who has struggled plenty throughout life, I’ve come to see that I’ve had behaviors that made my struggles worse than they had to be. Sometimes my behaviors were even responsible for creating them! But every time that challenges came my way, I was triggered into falling back on these unhealthy patterns.307823_288978897793941_680033699_n

It’s taken a lot of work, but I’ve been able to see how my thoughts and actions impact

things both big and small. This awareness has had me focused on changing my ways so that I can change my life. As I’ve paid attention to how I act and what I do and why I do it, I’ve discovered that I have five big contributors that tie into nearly all of my biggest challenges. Whether it’s relationships, food, or my own relationship with myself, I know what plays most into my problems. Now instead of turning to old ways, I’m addressing my triggers with five new practices…  


Click here to read the rest! And take the time to check Lisa out. She’s a Bioenergetic Healthcare Practitioner who has devoted herself to helping people in recovery. This lady is wise, intelligent, compassionate, and just plain wicked awesome!


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