My Near-Death Experience

In March of 2015, I started getting abdominal pains. They were a cry above those monthly menstrual cramps, but I wasn’t too alarmed because I had an idea of what was going on (or so I thought). Five years before, I had experienced a scare with cervical cancer, and now that similar sensation was back in my cervix. The abdominal pain was new though, and the intensity made it clear that I would need to see a doctor—soon. My husband was just about to leave town to work though, so I resolved to tough it out for a week to save him from worrying. My period was coming any day now, so surely the pains would lighten up after the first day or two.

Those first two days were horrendous. I had to take ibuprofen around the clock and stay in bed to ease my cramps and bleeding. By day three I was far from 100% because of my sluggishness and fatigue, but the pains were gone. Because of that I could practically jump for joy. The next two days went fine too, but that all changed Friday night around 9pm. That was when the pain came back with such a vengeance that nothing could dull it. My stomach was bloated, and every inhale sent stabbing pains shooting through my upper chest and shoulders. And now I had a tingly dizziness that had me on the brink of blacking out. It took sitting on the toilet with my head between my legs, breathing deeply and deliberately to pull myself through it. It was the most frightening moment of my life…


Find the rest of my life-changing story here on Hello Flo’s blog.


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