“True” Beauty Versus TRULY Beautiful (Or Rather, My Frustrations With The Caitlin Jenner Transformation)

So, as anyone with internet service is now aware, Bruce Jenner has undergone a literal transformation into “Caitlin Jenner.” There have been MANY criticisms, just as there have been shouts of support, but I feel likes there’s something being missed in all the posts and tweets…

Don’t get me wrong. I advocate people being true to themselves 100%. If it doesn’t cause harm to the individual or others, then it pretty much gets my thumbs up. Lord knows there was a day when it would have been COMPLETELY unacceptable for my white American butt to even be seen with a black foreigner, so I’m not about to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t do. Aside from a small list of universal truths, I see “right” as being relative.

So why do I find this Jenner situation unsettling? I’m happy for the hope and support that it gives to the LBGT community, but I think there’s a sick twist to it. So many people are talking about Jenner being beautiful, gorgeous, and “hotter than her ex.” Again, I’m glad for the show of support, but Jenner’s transformation is all thanks to a plastic surgeon. This face has been snipped, molded, filled, and modified into something completely different. That’s beautiful? Having a fake nose, fake cheeks, fake lips, and fake breasts is gorgeous? Really? What kind of definition of beauty is THAT?

I find it very saddening because of all the little girls out there. I don’t want them looking at magazines and movies full of plastic “beauty” and feeling like they aren’t good enough. The fact is, those faces and bodies are NOT real. These “beautiful” celebrities weren’t even born like that! It’s thanks to thousands of dollars in plastic surgery that they have their artificial “good looks,” and even that isn’t legit because of Photoshop.


Can we EVER expect to amount to anything in this life when we feel imperfect in our natural form?

It’s such a load of crap. It ticks me off because this superficiality creates so much chaos, turmoil, and ugliness. I want a world where one’s value is based on who they are , and what they stand for. I don’t give a shit how much money someone makes, how “perfect” their lips are, or how well they take pictures. To me, real beauty is in acting for the greater good. It’s not in lips or cheekbones, but in a glowing smile… A laugh that lights up a whole room… A hug that says everything is all right, Beauty is listening to someone, being there for them, and following through on your promises… In caring and giving your best.

I get to see people who make the world a better place. People who love fully and give without expecting anything in return. THAT, my friends, is beauty at it’s best. Give me the choice between a best friend and a Kardashian, and I’m picking my simple, humble, and “imperfect” friends. Hollywood isn’t known for fullfillment and happiness, so I won’t hesitate in passing up a celebrity from someone that loves happily, laughs wildly, and lives joyfully. That’s gold!

I’d hope that this crazy modern world would come around to seeing what’sreally beautiful and wonderful. Pseudo-beauty doesn’t make you beautiful on the inside, and without that you’ll never be a pretty person. Being happy and loving to make others happy gives this world hope. So before you go comparing yourself to People’s next “Most Beautiful Person,” stop and ask yourself what you could be doing to feel beautiful. A beaming smile and a genuine laugh will always be enjoyed by others; especially by the person beaming.

Be you and be beeeee-utiful!



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